Bisphenol A (BPA)-Free Products

Very recently California added Bisphenol A (BPA) to the list of California Proposition 65 chemicals which need to be reported. As soon as this information reached Kustom, we began to work to develop BPA-free versions of many of our oilbased and energy curable products. Part of this process has been working with suppliers to help them develop BPA-free products that are technically acceptable for us to use. This is an ongoing process with new experimental products currently under evaluation for approval. But we want to keep our customers updated on our progress in this area, so we have developed a list of new formulations that are BPA-free. Please go to the link below to find this list.

Kustom Group BPA-Free Product List

Product Guides

Our updated guides for Strike Thru, Sandy Feel, Soft Feel and Kentucky Shine can now be found in one convenient place – our Resources tab.  These guides include important information regarding these product lines, including product recommendations, running tips, preparation instructions and cleaning requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

KS-5008 Nestle Compliant Photoinitiator Compound

PI1Kustom Group is pleased to announce the development of KS-5008 Nestle Compliant Photoinitiator Compound.

KS-5008 employs a new and revolutionary manufacturing process which allows it to be made into a soft paste that can be easily stirred into energy-curable ink.

KS-5008 is very efficient and is suggested to be used in 1-8% of the ink formulation, depending on the pigment content and the pigment type chosen. KS-5008 can also be used in the making of H-UV and LED inks when coupled with a Nestle-compliant acrylated amine in the formulation. For a recommendation on the appropriate acrylated amine, please contact Kustom R&D lab personnel.

Although the pictures give some indication of the flow and body of the KS-5008, we highly recommend that you request a small sample from your Kustom Group representative to look at it for yourself. Samples are readily available.


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