LED Specialty Coatings, OPV’s and Inks

In walking around the recent trade shows, it would seem that all the buzz is about LED UV. While others have just begun the development of products in this area, Kustom Group has had products out for quite awhile now which are now press proven for both litho and flexo presses equipped with LED arrays. Besides the obvious gloss, satin and matte coatings and litho, ink unit applied OPV’s, Kustom Group has an extensive selection of specialty coating and OPV products that can be cured using a LED UV. We encourage you to go to the link below to see the list of LED UV coating and OPV products we have available:

LED Specialty Coatings and OPV’s

Kustom Group does not want to forget the ink maker who may be interested in making LED UV inks for the first time. We are happy to work with you to develop inks that will run and cure well. For litho applications, the inks typically have to wet trap on each other, which is a relatively new concept for energy curable inks. Kustom Group stands ready to offer starting formulations for both litho and flexo to get you started. Please contact your Kustom Group representative for this information or send an email to us through the website.

Kustom has you covered for your LED UV needs!!

Bisphenol A (BPA)-Free Products

Very recently California added Bisphenol A (BPA) to the list of California Proposition 65 chemicals which need to be reported. As soon as this information reached Kustom, we began to work to develop BPA-free versions of many of our oilbased and energy curable products. Part of this process has been working with suppliers to help them develop BPA-free products that are technically acceptable for us to use. This is an ongoing process with new experimental products currently under evaluation for approval. But we want to keep our customers updated on our progress in this area, so we have developed a list of new formulations that are BPA-free. Please go to the link below to find this list.

Kustom Group BPA-Free Product List

Product Guides

Our updated guides for Strike Thru, Sandy Feel, Soft Feel and Kentucky Shine can now be found in one convenient place – our Resources tab.  These guides include important information regarding these product lines, including product recommendations, running tips, preparation instructions and cleaning requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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