Lawter Announces Transfer of its Varnish Business to Kustom Group

Lawter announces the transfer of its varnish business to Kustom Group, wherein Kustom Group will produce, market, and sell these varnishes in North America and the Caribbean Islands. Lawter will continue to produce, market, and sell its varnishes in other global regions.

Lawter will permanently close its LaVergne, TN., manufacturing facility. “In an effort to better align our company’s strategy, we will focus on our strength in North America supplying resin and resin solutions to the ink industry,” said Nob Makino, Lawter’s Chairman & CEO.

This announcement will affect nine Lawter associates at the LaVergne facility, and the company plans to provide them with comprehensive severance and outplacement assistance.

“Throughout its long history, the LaVergne team has always set a high standard in terms of production and safety, and we have the utmost gratitude and respect for everyone who has worked there over the years, for their contributions to Lawter,” Mr. Makino stated.

“Lawter is pleased to have this opportunity to expand our long-standing relationship with Kustom Group,” said Jeroen Triesscheijn, EVP & COO of Lawter. “We feel that this will be a nice fit. We plan to work closely with Kustom Group to safeguard the transfer of the varnish business in North America and the Caribbean Islands to make it a seamless transition for our customers.”

Lawter’s Global Headquarters is located in Chicago, IL USA. Lawter is owned by a joint venture between Harima Chemicals Inc. and Mitsubishi Corporation. The company is a leading global supplier of resins and additives to the graphics arts, adhesives, aroma chemical, synthetic rubber, and specialty coating industries. Additional information is available at

Nestle Compliant Facility

December 10, 2013

Richwood, KY – Kustom Group is proud to announce the ground breaking of its new separate building for manufacturing Nestle compliant products as well as products which must be produced with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The new facility will be located on the current Kustom Group manufacturing site but will be its own separate building, allowing for production of products with no possibility of cross contamination. The ink raw materials, overprints and coatings made in this facility will serve markets such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, personal care packaging and medical device packaging. Kustom looks forward to having this facility operational in mid 2014.


New LED Curable Coating

Kustom Group is pleased to announce the completion of the final press testing of its new product LED-001.  LED-001 is an LED curable gloss coating intended for use in litho and flexo applications where the coating unit is equipped with a 16 watt LED bulb.  LED-001 offers a terrific combination of fast cure speed with good gloss and rub resistance when printed on a wide variety of substrates.

At the recent Print 13 show there was a lot of talk about LED technology and its potential for reducing the cost of curing energy curable materials.  Another advantage to this technology is that LED bulbs produce much lower temperatures, allowing the use of substrates normally damaged by the heat generated using standard mercury vapor bulbs used in typical UV curing.  As a company well known for being on the cutting edge of new technology in the Graphic Arts market, Kustom Group is again leading with a product for this new technology.

Although LED-001 is Kustom’s first LED curable product, we would not be the specialty coating company that we are if this was not the first of many to come.  Kustom anticipates a need for many specialty effect coatings that will be cured by LED.  Please contact us about your unique LED needs and Kustom Group will be happy to tailor a product to your specific needs.

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