Kustom Group Acquires Lubrizol’s Wax Compound Business Unit

Kustom Group, a leading manufacturer of high quality vehicles, overprints and coatings, is pleased to announce the purchase of the principal assets of Lubrizol’s Wax Compound, Ink Vehicle and Lithographic Overprint Business (formerly known as Carroll Scientific) effective December 16, 2014. Kustom Group will acquire Lubrizol formulations and processing equipment and will continue to supply, service and support Lubrizol customers.

There will be a short transition period where the affected Lubrizol customers can continue to order their product through their traditional channels, but as of February 1, 2015, Kustom Group will be accepting orders via their order department at kustorders@kustomgroup.com or at 001-859-485-8600 ext. 10. Kustom representatives will be contacting the Lubrizol customers quickly to answer any questions that they may have as a result of this transaction.

Jerry Trauth has been promoted to the position of Product Manager, Wax Compounds & Ink Additives to help manage this new business unit for Kustom Group. Jerry will the primary contact person and can be reached at 859-485-8600 ext. 26 or at jtrauth@kustomgroup.com.

In related news, Tim Molique will assume the position of Product Manager, Ink Vehicle Technology and manage this business unit for Kustom Group. Tim will be the primary contact responsible for oilbased, waterbased and energy curable ink vehicles and can be reached at 859-485-8600 ext. 44 or at tmolique@kustomgroup.com.

Tim Molique will continue to oversee the EH&S area, but to help Tim in this area, Kustom is pleased to announce the hiring of Wallace (Wally) Whalen. Wally will be responsible for the day to day management of our regulatory compliance and safety programs. He will report directly to Mr. Molique. Wally comes to us from Chromascape, where he managed their QC and regulatory departments, and has held similar positions at Color Resolutions and Borden Chemical. Wally is the recipient of a 2003 Printing Ink Pioneer Award from NAPIM and brings over 40 years of experience to the group.

New All UV Strike Thru System

Although oil-based KB-3116/KS-453 or KB-3011/KS-453 will always give better contrast than an all-UV combination, there are situations where oil-based products cannot be used. For this reason, Kustom Group developed the KS-463/KS-453 combination some years ago.

Some recent work has been done to make an improved version of KS-463, resulting in the formulation of KS-568 Strike Thru Matte UV OPV. Using KS-494 as the gloss UV coating on top of cured KS-568 increases the contrast by 10 points, achieving a contrast of 50-60 points.

Just like with KS-463, when cured KS-568 is used under KS-460, a fine reticulated look is achieved. KS-568 is a product which can be used to do both smooth and reticulation, with the only change being which coating you apply over it.

KS-568/KS-494 = Smooth
KS-568/KS-460 = Fine Reticulation

H-UV Coatings and Litho Overprints

With more and more installs of Komori’s H-UV presses in the North American market, Kustom Group has seen a growing demand for H-UV curable coatings and lithographic overprint varnishes. To answer this demand, Kustom is proud to introduce its new line of H-UV curable products. They are:

H-UV curable coatings
KS-462 High Gloss H-UV Coating
KS-850 Satin H-UV Coating
KS-851 Matte H-UV Coating
KS-833 Coarse Matte Sandy Feel H-UV Coating

H-UV lithographic overprints
KS-880 Gloss Litho H-UV OPV
KS-881 Satin Litho H-UV OPV
KS-882 Matte Litho H-UV OPV

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