Updated Product Catalogs – Feb 2017

Several of our Product Catalogs have been updated to include exciting new items.  Check out the links to them below.


H-UV Coatings and Overprints

Energy Cure Wax Catalog

Sheetfed Litho Vehicles

Oil-Based Litho Overprint Varnishes

Oil-Based Waxes

Aqueous Wet Litho Coatings

Ink Train Water Coatings

Digital Coatings and Overprints

LED Specialty Coatings, OPV’s and Inks (Updated Dec 2016)

In walking around the recent trade shows, it would seem that all the buzz is about LED. While others have just begun the development of products in this area, Kustom Group has had products out for quite awhile now which are now press proven for both litho and flexo presses equipped with LED arrays. Besides the obvious gloss, satin and matte coatings and litho, ink unit applied OPV’s, Kustom Group has an extensive selection of specialty coating and OPV products that can be cured using an LED. We encourage you to go to the link below to see the recently updated list of LED coating and OPV products we have available:

LED Specialty Coatings and OPV’s

Kustom Group does not want to forget the ink maker who may be interested in making LED inks for the first time. We are happy to work with you to develop inks that will run and cure well. For litho applications, the inks typically have to wet trap on each other, which is a relatively new concept for energy curable inks. Kustom Group stands ready to offer starting formulations for both litho and flexo to get you started. Please contact your Kustom Group representative for this information or send an email to us through the website.

Kustom has you covered for your LED needs!!

Next Generation of AQ Soft Feel Coating

Kustom Group is proud to introduce our next generation of waterbased Soft Feel coating which is our KS-9800. KS-9800 is improved in the following ways:

1) Has more feel than any soft feel product that we have produced thus far.
2) Has a smoother, more even lay when applied over wet oilbased inks.
3) Although somewhat slower to set initially due to its higher viscosity, when it fully dries in 12 – 24 hours, it has better rub resistance versus other AQ soft feel coatings that are non-catalyzed.
4) It is less expensive versus previous AQ soft feel coatings we have introduced.

For further information (besides the link to the TDS below) or samples, please contact your Kustom Group representative. We would ask that you pay close attention to the viscosity on the TDS of the KS-9800. The KS-9800 is 50 – 60 seconds in a #3 Zahn at 77F.

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