Tartan Color to be Kustom’s Distributor in Canada

Kustom Group is pleased to announce an agreement with Tartan Color to be Kustom’s distributor in the Canadian market. This agreement goes into effect on October 1, 2015. Tartan will distribute all of the Kustom Group products, which include ink vehicles, wax compounds, overprints and coatings. We expect that you already know Tartan Color but if you do not, they are currently located at:


Warehouse Location                          Current Office Location

Tartan Color                                       7145 West Credit Avenue

C/O Manitoulin Warehousing             Suite 201, Building 2

7035 Ordan Drive                               Mississauga, ON Canada

Mississauga ON Canada                   L5N 6J7

L5T 1T1


They are moving their office only, and after October 1, 2015 they will be located at:


Future Office Location

7025 Langer Drive

Suite 205

Mississauga ON Canada

L5N 0E8


Effective October 1, 2015, all orders for Kustom Group product should be placed with Tartan. Please use the following methods for placing your orders:


Order Contacts

Email   orders@tartancolor.com

Phone  905-821-2851

Fax      905-821-7919

Escalation: Sandra Peterson, Manager Customer Service. speterson@tartancolor.com

Oil-Based Wax Compound Product Line

Earlier this year, Kustom Group announced it’s acquisition of Lubrizol’s oil-based wax compound product line. In this acquisition, Kustom Group has acquired all of the associated Lubrizol formulations and processing equipment for these product lines. Kustom is proud to add the Lubrizol trusted product trade names of Top Flite™, Polytech™, Protech™, and Thermol™ to our stable of existing high quality products. As we have done with our acquisitions of Varchem and Lawter, our commitment to our customers is continued supply, service and support of products and formulations that they have come to trust over the years. Many of these customers are already customers of Kustom Group. For these customers, we believe that this transaction is a benefit in allowing them to consolidate their purchases. For those customers who are new to Kustom Group as a supplier, it is our goal to form new partnerships and earn their trust through a smooth transition to the Kustom made products.

Check out our new Sheetfed and Heatset Wax Compound Products.

Plant Expansion Progress

The steel is up on our plant expansion to house the new wax compound line.

We are proud to announce our first production line of wax compounds is up and running.

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