David Aynessazian Honored with NAPIM Pioneer Award

Pioneer AwardKustom Group’s David Aynessazian (4th from right), VP Technical and Marketing, was honored with the prestigious Printing Ink Pioneer Award at the 102nd annual NAPIM Convention held last week in Florida. The Printing Ink Pioneer Award honors those with a minimum of 25 years of service in the industry (including working for at least one ink company) and a history of service to the printing industry, including ink associations, production clubs and committees.

David (aka “David A”) started his printing industry journey by working for Lawter right after graduating with his chemistry degree.  At Lawter he was involved in the development and manufacture of the first gelled vehicle to ever have been shipped in a bulk truck. From there he joined Kustom Group, where he has had many roles, including sales, technical and marketing. Using his experience in gelling vehicles, he led the team that developed the first commercially available energy curable flushing vehicle, energy curable gelled letback vehicle, conventional/UV hybrid ink system and Strike Thru system.

Every summer David travels to teach at the NPIRI summer course. He cites his father, Lud Horn from Lawter, Mike Gerkin Sr from Kustom Group and his wife Debbie as the major influences in his life. In his free time he enjoys golf, card games and his three beautiful granddaughters.

Introducing a New Wax Product for Aqueous Coatings and Inks

Kustom Group now offers a Polyethylene Wax Emulsion for aqueous wet-litho coatings.  KSW-AQ55 is a high density poly wax emulsion developed for use in aqueous coatings and inks.   KSW-AQ55 will improve slip, rub resistance, hardness and block resistance.  It can also be used as an additive to paper coatings, wood coatings, metal coatings, overprint varnishes, and other water based coatings where slip and hardness are required, with minimal effect on gloss.

Review the Technical Data Sheet: KSW-AQ55

Updated Product Catalogs – Feb 2017

Several of our Product Catalogs have been updated to include exciting new items.  Check out the links to them below.


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Energy Cure Wax Catalog

Sheetfed Litho Vehicles

Oil-Based Litho Overprint Varnishes

Oil-Based Waxes

Aqueous Wet Litho Coatings

Ink Train Water Coatings

Digital Coatings and Overprints

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