New All UV Strike Thru System

Although oil-based KB-3116/KS-453 or KB-3011/KS-453 will always give better contrast than an all-UV combination, there are situations where oil-based products cannot be used. For this reason, Kustom Group developed the KS-463/KS-453 combination some years ago.

Some recent work has been done to make an improved version of KS-463, resulting in the formulation of     KS-568 Strike Thru Matte UV OPV. Using KS-494 as the gloss UV coating on top of cured KS-568 increases the contrast by 10 points, achieving a contrast of 50-60 points.

Just like with KS-463, when cured KS-568 is used under KS-460, a fine reticulated look is achieved. KS-568 is a product which can be used to do both smooth and reticulation, with the only change being which coating you apply over it.

KS-568/KS-494 = Smooth
KS-568/KS-460 = Fine Reticulation

H-UV Coatings and Litho Overprints

With more and more installs of Komori’s H-UV presses in the North American market, Kustom Group has seen a growing demand for H-UV curable coatings and lithographic overprint varnishes. To answer this demand, Kustom is proud to introduce its new line of H-UV curable products. They are:

H-UV curable coatings
KS-462 High Gloss H-UV Coating
KS-850 Satin H-UV Coating
KS-851 Matte H-UV Coating
KS-833 Coarse Matte Sandy Feel H-UV Coating

H-UV lithographic overprints
KS-880 Gloss Litho H-UV OPV
KS-881 Satin Litho H-UV OPV
KS-882 Matte Litho H-UV OPV

New UV Screen Coating with Heat Resistance and Flexibility

Kustom Group is pleased to announce the development of KS-21005, which is our newest UV-curable gloss screen coating. KS-21005 maintains its very flexible nature even after being heated to temperatures as high as 350°F. The combination of high gloss, extreme flexibility and high heat resistance allows KS-21005 to be the perfect choice for labels and packaging where these attributes are very hard to achieve in a coating applied via screen at screen film thicknesses. Please contact your Kustom Group representative to get a sample of KS-21005 and see what this leap in technology has to offer your customers.

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