Sometimes to See, You Have to Turn off the Lights!

Introducing KS-872, Kustom Group’s first Glow in the Dark UV coating.  When properly activated with light exposure, KS-872 printed over white or light colors will glow in the dark.  KS-872 has been formulated for application to various paper and nonporous substrates with small or large volume anilox rollers or roll coaters.  KS-872 is a great product for lighting up your printed piece.


For more information, please see the Technical Data Sheet.

Kustom Group Offers Special Liquid Photoinitiator Blends

Stronger enforcement of the environmental rules in China have resulted in production limitations and shutdowns.  This has caused supply issues with many popular Photoinitiators commonly used in energy cure inks and coatings.  Kustom Group is offering specially formulated Photoinitiator blends as an alternative.  Over the last few months we have worked with our customers to successfully convert them to these blends.


View a list of our most popular Photoinitiator blends.


Give us a call and see if we can help you with your Photoinitiator needs.


Jerry Trauth

Product Manager Waxes, Additives and Ink Applications

cell: 859.485.3198

New Catalogs

We are excited to announce our updated catalogs!  These include our newest and most popular products.

Heatset and Sheetfed Waxes & Additives

Energy Cure Waxes & Additives

Oil-Based Litho Vehicles

UV Ink Vehicles



Please contact us for more information.

The Myth of Paperless as Beneficial

Kustom Group is pleased to join the growing group who understands that the use of paper is not only preferable to the consumer but is also an ecologically responsible thing to do. We are happy to offer the presentation below to educate our customers, partners and the general public.

Print and Paper in a Digital World

New Screen Coating Catalog

Traditionally screen coatings have been the more economical alternative to lamination. Today printers are using screen coatings to create a diverse range of printed pieces, in particular specialty pieces that are designed to stand out and catch your eye.

Kustom Group has created the Screen Catalog to include many of these specialty screen coatings, including color shift, glitter, and tactile (raised, rubber feel, sandy feel and soft touch) as well as gloss, satin and matte options for use over a variety of inks and stocks.

Contact Kustom Group for more information.

LED Curable Coatings and Litho OPV’s

With LED curing system installations and retrofits on the rise, Kustom Group recognizes the need for a more diverse portfolio of LED curable coatings and overprints. With that in mind, we introduce our latest catalog of LED curable coatings and overprints divided into two categories based on press configuration we title “for Offset Gap” and “for Flexo Gap”. The idea of one particular LED coating curing across a wide variety of press configuration is no longer technically viable.


The biggest challenge to LED curing continues to be surface cure which is drastically impacted by the gap between the array (lamp) and the substrate. The location of the array is dictated by the equipment it is attached to and how the standard printing processes operate. In offset printing, the location of the array is impacted by the grippers used to move the individual sheets through the press, while in flexo there isn’t the same issue when running a web. The gap between the array and the substrate is very different: in offset applications it is 5.0 – 6.5 centimeters, while in flexo applications it is 3.0 – 5.0 millimeters – a factor of 10+.


Kustom has determined that no one LED coating can work well for both offset and flexo applications. These differences create different curing parameters and require different products. A coating formulated for the flexo gap will likely never fully cure if applied at offset gaps, while the risk of using a coating for the offset gap on the flexo gap process may result in over yellowing, limited press stability and brittleness of the cured film. Kustom Group’s latest developments, outlined in the tables below, are a direct response to the need for better choices for the given process. Our “for Flexo Gap” coatings are suitable for close proximity arrays, and our “for Offset Gap” coatings and overprints are intended for the greater offset gap employing eight (8) Watt or higher bulbs.


for Offset Gap
Code Description
LED-003 Gloss LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-004 Satin LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-018 Matte LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-019 Gluable Gloss LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-022 Gloss Litho LED OPV
LED-023 Satin Litho LED OPV
LED-025 Matte Litho LED OPV
LED-028 Ultra Reticulation Strike-Thru Litho LED OPV
LED-690 Sparkling Blue Angle Dependent LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-703 Raised LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-705 Textured LED Coating for Offset Gap
LED-737 Coarse Sandy LED Coating for Offset Gap


for Flexo Gap
Code Description
LED-012 Gloss LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-010 Satin LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-009 Matte LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-007 Imprintable Gloss LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-702 LED Soft Feel Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-681 Angle Dependent Sparkling Blue LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-701 LED Emboss Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-734 Coarse Sandy LED Coating for Flexo Gap
LED-725 Fine Sandy Matte LED Coating for Flexo Gap

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