Product Spotlight 07/24/2020

Today’s product Spotlight is on KSW-UV200 Carnauba Wax Compound for Energy Cure systems. KSW-UV200 is formulated to provide consistent wax particle size in a stable wax dispersion. KSW-UV200 is an effective slip additive with high gloss retention.

Other features of KSW-UV200:

•      Manufactured using only Nestle Compliant Raw Materials

•      Improved scratch and slip

•      Improved water resistance and anti-blocking

•      High gloss retention

•      Easy to incorporate with no dust hazard

More information can be found on the KSW-UV200 Technical Data Sheet or on our website at

Kustom Group and S-One Label & Packaging form new strategic partnership.

Please visit the link below, and stay tuned to the Kustom Group website for more information coming soon.

Product Spotlight 05/11/2020

Today’s product Spotlight is on KB-1908 Gloss Varnish. KB-1908 is a 100% non-volatile gloss varnish. It has a medium tack range versus typical gloss varnishes which allows addition into inks with minimal effect on finished ink tack.

Other features of KB-1908:

  • Medium tack
  • 100% non-volatile
  • Hard drying

More information can be found on the KB-1908 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

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