Product of the Week 12-10

Product of the week KB-946 Fast Setting Sheetfed Stay Open is an ultra fast set speed gelled varnish.  Inks made with this system exhibit superior body control, greater lithographic properties and show better gloss and rub properties compared to other fast-setting ink systems.  KB-946 has excellent compatibility, eliminating bronzing, opaque colors or short puffy inks that are produced by limited dilution systems on the market today.



Other characteristics:

  • Above-average stability in relation to solids
  • Excellent work and turn characteristics


More information can be found on the KB-946 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 12-3

Product of the Week LED-258 Photoinitiated LED Extender for Paper is an “all-in-one” extender vehicle for LED-curable lithographic inks.  LED-258 is formulated with a unique, very potent, LED-specific photoinitiator package.  Typical applications include paper and paperboard substrates.

Other characteristics:

  • Excellent printability
  • Excellent cure response

More information can be found on the LED-258 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 11-26

Product of the Week is KS-7096 Compliant Poly Board Gloss AQ Coating, which is ideal for situations involving nesting of products, like ice cream tubs and cups.  KS-7096 provides superior protection from mineral oil and other chemicals in the filling process.  It also provides adequate heat resistance for seaming and sealing applications while meeting various FDA, 21CFR Guidelines regarding indirect food contact.

Other characteristics:

  • Faster drying than most poly board coatings without mud cracking over heavy ink coverage
  • Exhibits good gloss and clarity
  • Exhibits good rub and scuff resistance
  • Not considered suitable for hot foil stamping, imprinting and gluing applications

More information can be found on the KS-7096 Techinal Data Sheet or by contacting us.

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