Flexo Coatings

We fully understand that Flexo printers require a high level of performance for their packaging and label markets.  Beyond the day-to-day UV and water coatings that bring basic gloss and protection to the job is another group of end-use requirements.  This includes coatings that exhibit controlled slide angle and rub resistance.  There can also be a need for heat, wet block, chemical and many other resistance properties.

Special effects like pearlescent and Soft-Feel are increasingly popular with creative folks.  There can be a lot to talk about when considering Kustom Kure UV and water coatings for the wide array of sophisticated paper, board, film and foil substrates used for flexo printing!  You can contact us to discuss your coating needs for POP display, preprint corrugated, narrow-web label, specialty folding carton and specialty wide web printing.

Check out our most popular flexo water-based and UV coatings: Flexo Coatings