Product of the Week 9-16-19

Product of the week is KS-302 Kustom Kure UV Flushing and Grinding Vehicle. This vehicle is extremely versatile and is recommended for most UV/EB paste ink applications, including: lithographic, hybrid, letterpress, business form, carton, and label. KS-302 is especially effective for hard-to-disperse pigments and is typically applied on commercial and folding carton work on paper, paperboard, and other substrates.

Other features of KS-302:

  • Excellent flow properties with higher viscosity
  • Ideal for hybrid applications
  • Easy cleanup with less aggressive press washes

More information can be found on the KS-302 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 9-9-19

Product of the week is KB-145 Moisture Activated Drier. This cobalt-free drier can be formulated directly into an oil based ink or overprint varnish, or it can be added press side. KB-145 works by reacting with the fountain solution to release oxygen, causing an accelerated oxidative dry on press.

Other features of KB-145:

  • Suggested usage level of 0.25-1.0%
  • Boosts dry on plastic/nonporous substrates

More information can be found on the KB-145 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 9-3-19

Product of the week is GRN-9901 Greenmaster Low VOC Gloss AQ Coating. Looking for a product with a low environmental impact? Want something with bio-renewable content? Kustom Group’s GRN-9901 was developed to help reduce the carbon footprint in your pressroom. This aqueous coating is BAT, FDA Indirect Food, and CA Proposition 65 compliant.

Other features of GRN-9901:

  • No zinc oxide, alcohol, or any HAP materials
  • Fast set and dry speed
  • Less than 1% VOCs

More information can be found on the GRN-9901 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 8-26-19

Product of the week is KB-1922 Free Flow Quickset Varnish. This varnish is created from elastic resin technology and designed to adjust flow and tack in high solids ink systems. KB-1922 will increase flow, transfer, leveling, and gloss while not adversely affecting set speed.

Other features of KB-1922:

  • 100% non-volatile
  • High solids sheetfed
  • Tack and flow reducer

More information can be found on the KB-1922 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 8-19-19

Product of the week is KB-750 Kentucky Lube Anti-Picking Additive. Recommended for any litho ink system, this additive provides lubrication of the ink on the plate and blanket cylinders. KB-750 is extremely useful in preventing piling and picking, even on lighter weight papers and recycled stocks. Additionally, this additive will not adversely affect other ink properties on press or the printed sheet.

Other features of KB-750:

  • Suggested use of 2-5%
  • Reduces misting by allowing an increase in tack without picking
  • Improves transfer

More information can be found on the KB-750 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Did you know that Kustom Group offers toll manufacturing?

Yes, we do!

Put our 30 years of manufacturing experience to work for you.  We have manufacturing solutions in a variety of chemistries – oil-base, aqueous, and energy cure (including UV and LED).  Kustom Group also has experience in all scales – from one gallon pails to tanker truck quantities.

Projects are initiated under an open dialog with your team, within mutual confidentiality agreements.

Our capabilities include:

  • Resin cuts
  • Industrial coatings and OPVs
  • Wax compounds
  • Quick-cook capability
  • Blending and mixing
  • Liquid photoinitiator blends
  • Full Quality Control
  • Customer-specific containers and labeling

If you’re looking for extra capacity for an existing process, have a new process and are looking for a place to do the scale up work, creating product samples or launching a new product – Kustom Group can help.

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