Product Spotlight 05/11/2020

Today’s product Spotlight is on KB-1908 Gloss Varnish. KB-1908 is a 100% non-volatile gloss varnish. It has a medium tack range versus typical gloss varnishes which allows addition into inks with minimal effect on finished ink tack.

Other features of KB-1908:

  • Medium tack
  • 100% non-volatile
  • Hard drying

More information can be found on the KB-1908 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

ASTM International Technical Committee Meeting

The next ASTM International Technical Committee meeting for D01 Paint and Related Coatings, Materials, and Applications that was scheduled for June 28-July 2, 2020 in Washington DC has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Printing Inks and Ink Vehicles Sub-Committee will be meeting on a conference call (exact date and time TBD) to review test methods related to the ink and ink vehicle industry as well as discuss test methods under development and propose new test methods for consideration.

All interested parties are encouraged to find more information by visiting or by contacting Sub-Committee Chair-Person Karen Schroeder at Kustom Group (859) 485-8600.

Product Spotlight 03/20/2020

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Today’s product Spotlight is KS-903 BZP Free High Gloss Litho UV OPV . KS-903 is recommended for use as a UV overprint varnish where high performance, high gloss and fast cure response are desired. KS-903 is applied in-line over UV-curable litho ink on paper or folding carton substrates.

Other features of KS-903:

  • Excellent cure response
  • BZP (Benzophenone) Free
  • Excellent litho properties
  • Not considered imprintable, foil-stampable, glueable, etc.

More information can be found on the KS-903 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product Spotlight 03/02/2020

LED-303 is a balanced extender system for LED curable flexo inks with photoinitiator already added. LED-303 exhibits excellent rheology, outstanding press performance, and fast cure. It can be used to make all types of LED flexo inks.  Suitable for coated & uncoated papers, treated PE, PP, and various treated films.

Other features of LED-303:

  • Viscosity                   30 – 35 sec. #3 Zahn
  • Appearance               Cloudy Liquid
  • Solids                        > 99%

More information can be found on the LED-303 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

EU Kustom Products

We have received requests from customers within the EU for access to Kustom formulated products. We have resolved this issue with some of our products with our partner Umicore in Belgium, who are producing products using Kustom formulations using EU-sourced raw materials so as to have no issues with REACH. Many customers have need for the same product globally, and so they are interested in knowing that they can get product both within the EU and outside.

To help all with their searches, we have developed a downloadable product catalog.  Individual Technical Data Sheets are below.

Conventional Sheetfed Ink Vehicles

KB-1016 EU Maximum Adhesion, Structured Sheetfed Vehicle for Plastic Substrates
KB-1098 EU Sheetfed Gloss Varnish
KB-1104 EU General Purpose, Structured Sheetfed Vehicle
KB-290 EU Mineral Oil Free, Structured Sheetfed Vehicle
KB-406 EU Premium Pigment Dispersion Vehicle for Plastic Substrates
KB-480 EU General Purpose Pigment Dispersion Vehicle

Conventional Sheetfed Ink Additives

KB-103 EU #3 Body Linseed Alkyd for Pigment Wetting
KB-173 EU Structured Linseed Alkyd
KB-112 EU Soya based alkyd with good pigment wetting
KB-724 EU Anti Oxidant
KB-767 EU Ink Bodying Additive
KB-791 EU Water Pick-Up Reducer

Conventional Sheetfed Overprint Bases

KB-3170 EU General Purpose Sheetfed Overprint Base
KB-8700 EU Food Compliant Sheetfed Overprint Base

Heatset Web Offset Overprints

KB-3731 EU Gluable, UV Coatable, Heatset Overprint

Wax Compounds

KBW-TF100 Linseed Based Polyethylene Compound for Inks for Plastic
KBW-TF100S Polyethylene Wax Compound for Compliant Sheetfed Inks
KBW-TF75S Polyethylene Wax Compound for Compliant Sheetfed Inks

Over time, as we add products to our EU product portfolio, we will add their technical information to this product catalog.

Look for new products coming in the areas of UV and LED that are due to be added later in 2020.

Product Spotlight 12/16/2019

This weeks Product Spotlight is on KB-215 Lithomaster Sheetfed Vehicle. KB-215 is specifically formulated to allow your inks to exhibit unique body and flow properties. Inks made with KB-215 will hold up to the heat and shear inks face on today’s high speed presses. This vehicle is a different approach in vehicle chemistry that deserves an in depth evaluation by quality-minded ink makers.

Other features of KB-215:

  • Very low dot gain.
  • Better transfer and color stability during long press runs.
  • Excellent water balance and litho performance.
  • Good work and turn characteristics with high gloss.

More information can be found on the KB-215 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.