Aqueous Wet-Litho Coatings

Considered by many to be a mature market, interest in Kustom Kote water-based wet-litho coatings continues to grow. This is especially true in the world of high performance gloss, satin and matte products for a wide array of paper and non-porous substrates. Of growing interest is the “Wow Factor” that specialty effect coatings like Strike-Thru, Pearlescent, Soft-Feel and Sandy-Feel bring to the commercial and packaging litho markets. Creative printers want the latest and best!

Printers are always interested in creative downstream processes that require a primer for foil stamping, gluing, film lamination, writeability, UV coatability and imprinting. End-use requirements like heat resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, controlled slide angle and ultimate rub resistance are also common requirements for high performance printing.

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