Ink Train Water Coating

Kentucky Shine is a unique press-applied acrylic based overprint that is applied through the last inking unit of a press.  This allows any sheetfed or web heatset offset printer the ability to produce jobs with the appearance of a water coating without using an in-line coating unit.  Kentucky Shine runs with the dampening system disengaged.  Kentucky Shine has a long history of performing well and exceeding customer expectations time and time again.

Kentucky Shine Press-Applied Overprints are available in gloss, satin and matte.  They exhibit fast drying, enhanced press stability and a tight body to minimize dripping through the fountain.  In addition, this product is ideal for printing on paper and paperboard substrates as well as protecting toner-based digital inks.  Do you want to achieve the effect of Soft-Feel coating but don’t have a coater on your press?  The new Kentucky Shine Soft-Feel Overprints look and feel great.  Just contact us and we can provide all the information you need to understand and run Kentucky Shine!

Kentucky Shine Press Instructions

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