Oil-Based Litho Vehicles

Are you looking for an oleoresinous vehicle for sheetfed or heatset/web, a viscoelastic gel or free flow varnish? If so, Kustom Group has it. We use proprietary resin technology to formulate fast setting, high gloss, quickset vehicle systems that exhibit superior body control and lithographic properties, with high gloss and rub properties designed for today’s high speed presses.

We offer a full line of dispersion, grinding and letback vehicle systems, including high solids, matte stock, transparent extenders used for tint bases, and metallic systems. Our vehicles for plastic and non-porous substrates have been a staple in the Kustom product line for years and are considered by some as a standard of the industry for hard dry adhesion properties with extreme oxidative drying potential.

Our Greenmaster vehicle system has been developed to render a smaller environmental footprint with advantages such as easy clean up on press and improved litho performance, which allows the printer to reduce etch chemistry in the fountain solution. These “Green Polymers” are derived from naturally-occurring raw materials and can be considered sustainable and renewable. Greenmaster contains 0% VOC’s and is 80% renewable to help make the pressroom more “eco-friendly.”

We also have information about our most popular Lithomaster Overprint Vehicles here online:

Whether you need one of Kustom’s “go to” press-tested lines, such as our flagship Lithomaster, our Midnight Black Ink Vehicle, our Tuff Stuff Plastic Line, or you would like us to custom design a vehicle for your specific application, we can help. Give us a call for more information.