Who is Kustom Group?

When you need printing solutions, ask for Kustom Group by name.

Whether you know us as Kustom Services or Kustom Blending, the fact remains the same: we are your technical resource for printing ink vehicle and coating technology. You may question what to call us, but you won’t question our services, products, and know-how in the printing arena.

We are formulators and manufacturers of overprints and coatings in oil based, aqueous, and UV chemistries that are used on the end of presses in most any printing method. We are unique in that we understand the interaction of all of these chemistries on press. We take pride in our problem solving abilities and will be glad to work with you on your specific application.

When Kustom was first founded, our customers’ biggest complaint was that we were too small and our batch sizes were smaller than our competitors’. That was during the heyday of the printing ink industry. Today we have become ‘right-sized’ for all of our customers. We can produce truckloads to gallons. We manage our inventories, price our products and scale our operations to meet the needs of all of our customers, large or small. We don’t have to learn how to handle this new mix of products; we have been doing it this way for more than 25 years.