Special Effects Coatings and Overprints

Specialty effect coatings and overprints continue to gain popularity as printed media attempts to distinguish itself from others.  Kustom Group can assist you in making that distinction.  We formulate and produce coatings and overprints with various effects in multiple technologies for all platforms.  Soft-Touch or Soft-Feel, Sandy, Strike-Thru and Textured coatings are available to enhance the tactile experience of print.  We have coatings with pearlescent and metalized pigments for sheen and luster.  Reticulation Strike-Thru is an economical way of contrasting print to make effects stand out.  Kustom Group prides itself in its ability to make modifications and meet your specific needs.
Specialty Product Index: List of Specialty Products (including recommended application volumes)
Soft Feel: Aqueous and UV Coating, Heatset and Sheetfed Kentucky Shine

Sandy: Aqueous and UV Coating, Heatset Kentucky Shine

Tactile: UV Coatings

Effect Pigment: Aqueous, UV and LED Coatings

Strike-Thru: Aqueous and UV Coatings, Oil-based and UV Overprint Varnishes
Running Guides:

Strike Thru

Soft Touch

Sandy Feel