Product of the Week 7-22-19

Product of the week is KS-190 KY Shine High Body Press Stable Gloss OPV. This aqueous overprint varnish can be applied to paper, paperboard, Xerox, and HP Indigo through the inking unit of a sheetfed offset press. KS-190 provides excellent gloss as well as good rub and scuff resistance. Along with our KY Shine OPVs we always recommend using KS-702 KY Shine Blanket and Roller Spray. KS-702 is applied with a spray bottle onto the surface of the blanket and rollers before and after the KY Shine product is put on the press. This helps to clean and condition the surface to better accept the KY Shine OPV.

Other features of KS-190:

  • Exceptional set and dry speed
  • Enhanced press stability
  • Not for two sided printing

More information can be found on the KS-190 Technical Data Sheet, the KS-702 Technical Data Sheet, the KY Shine Press Instructions or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 7-15-19

Product of the week is KB-1013 Greenmaster SF Free Flow Vehicle. Containing approximately 80% sustainable materials, this vehicle helps reduce the environmental impact of printing while still giving fast set speed and excellent press stability. KB-1013 also provides easy clean up and improved litho performance with 0% VOCs.

Other features of KB-1013:

  • Superior printability
  • Exceptional hold-out
  • Superb ink-water balance

More information can be found on the KB-1013 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 7-9-19

Product of the week is KBW-3500P Micronized PTFE Powder. Need to improve scratch resistance and slip in an ink or coating? Make sure to use KBW-3500P. This PTFE powder used in combination with KBW-3000P provides maximum rub and abrasion resistance.

Other features of KBW-3500P:

  • Improves chemical resistance
  • Increases temperature resistance
  • Reduces sticking and blocking

More information can be found on the KBW-3500P Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Product of the Week 6-24-19

Product of the week is KB-8701 BPA Free Gloss SF OPV. This overprint is low yellowing with excellent gloss and dry. KB-8701 is recommended for general purpose applications along with folding carton and labels.

Other features of KB-8701:

  • Swiss and Nestle compliant
  • Fast oxidative dry

More information can be found on the KB-8701 Technical Data Sheet or by contacting us.

Mike Kukowski (1943-2019)

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our colleague, Mike Kukowski. Mike was a valued member of Kustom Group, working with us for nearly 30 years in sales for the East Coast.

Loved by his customers and fellow employees alike, Mike was quick with a smile and a laugh. When a customer called, he answered his phone with a jovial, “Hey guy!” He also was knowledgeable about sports of all kinds and especially shared his love of baseball and football with us.

Information on a service of remembrance and celebration of his life is located here.

Mike shown far right with 2016 Kustom Group Sales Team

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